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Bridal Designers

Leo Ingwer

Leo Ingwer, a family-owned custom diamond jewelry manufacturer located in the heart of New York’s jewelry district, is built on the dreams of its founder and namesake.

The key to their success has been to remain true to their heritage of being a totally custom diamond jewelry design and manufacturing company. Leo Ingwer prides themselves on a commitment to design, craft and one on one personal service. Each engagement or special occasion is a reason for  to create a one of a kind heirloom to treasure forever.


Kwiat is not just a brand. They are a family that has been crafting exceptionally beautiful diamond jewelry with honesty and integrity for four generations. After 110 years, their technique, the Kwiat Tiara® cut, which optimizes the balance of brightness, fire and scintillation for a diamond that looks as large and brilliant as possible.

The Kwiat workshop is located in New York City on Madison Avenue. Diamond graders, cutters, setters and polishers work closely with Kwiat designers to bring their vision to life. Once crafted, each piece is studied by the Kwiat Quality Assurance team to ensure the heirlooms-in-the making will stand the test of time. Performance matters when it comes to jewelry. Great care, calculation and precision is required to ensure settings are at once delicate and sturdy.

Novell Design Studio

Novell wedding rings can be made wider, narrower, in different metals, with different finishes, and much more. Their customization capabilities set them apart from nearly all other companies vying for a more visible position within the wedding ring industry landscape. A Novell ring can be customized and designed to your specifications for a one of a kind wedding band.

Michael Bondanza

Michael Bondanza is a gifted designer with a passion for art and jewelry. His innovative designs and imaginative concepts utilize a complex combination of platinum and gold. A self-taught artisan, his work has a timeless sophistication that caters to a discerning clientele.

Each piece is custom made in the heart of New York City and the collections bear the name of iconic NYC areas. The Bondanza approach to jewelry making is one that centers on a high degree of craftsmanship while expressing unique and inspired designs.

Over the years, Michael has achieved international recognition for his creative use of platinum, and his designs have won him acclaim amongst the designer and retail communities. Michael’s innate ability to create timeless jewelry is evident in each one of his designs. Yet, he continues to perfect his craft and can often be found at his bench implementing new ideas and experimenting with new techniques. His jewelry is continually evolving but always reflects the Bondanza aesthetic and an unparalleled level of artistry.

Zaltas Custom Bridal

At Zaltas Gallery of Fine Jewelry,YOU, the customer, always comes first.
Everything we do, selecting exquisite jewelry,creating custom designs with the most attentive care,
purchasing the finest in diamonds and gem stones, and offering the very best values, is all done
with our number one goal in mind : that you know that you are being cared for in the most outstanding way!